hiking on la gomera
Discover the most beautiful landscapes of La Gomera while hiking. You will love the wild romantic beauty of the island. Internet special offer: Reserve your hikes - and your accommodation - via internet and save!

Save and hike flexibly: Choose the number of hikes you want to take and decide only after your arrival when to hike.
You can choose as desired from the hikes taking place on Saturday through Thursday.

Of course you can book all guided day tours on site in our office for the full price.
Hikes at internet special price

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Price per hike and person only Euro 28.00 in combination with your apartment booking.

hiking program
No alpine experience or knowledge is necessary for our hiking program. The hikes go from easy to medium difficult and are build up in a way to enable you to enjoy the national park Garajonay and the island’s beautiful landscape without stress. Experiencing nature and landscape, sociability, relaxation and the fun of hiking are the foreground features. The hiking program is designed to enable young persons and those who stayed young to participate. Average climbs and descents are about 500 metres of altitude, walking times range from 1.5 to 4.5 hours.

hikes starting from Valle Gran Rey
Saturday: The Wild Northwest
Starting at the Mirador, we hike along a very beautiful shepherds’ path to Macizo, passing brushwood and palm groves on our way. Later we enjoy magnificent views when we pass terraces and wineyards on our descent into the "wonderful valley" and to Vallehermoso. After having reached the former cultural center of La Gomera, we have time to visit the place and to stop at a bar where we can fortify ourselves in local flair.

ascent: 100m | descent: 700m | duration: 4 h | distance: 12km | meeting: 9.30 a.m. | 
Price: Euro 32.00 |
degree of difficulty:
* *
Monday: Forest of Fables
Experience the oldest part of the laurel forest on an easy hike with us! The hike passes by great views of the king’s valley and to the eucalyptus place. From here we cross the oldest part of the tropical mountain forest, passing moss-grown laurel and heather trees, to the place where we take a snack. After having left the national park we will enjoy the last part of the hike, passing cultivated terrace fields and fruit groves. At the end of the hike we will receive the best cress soup available on La Gomera.

ascent: 230m | descent: 230m | duration: 4 h | distance: 9km | meeting: 9.30 a.m. | 
Price: Euro 32.00 |
degree of difficulty: * *
Tuesday: The Northern Coast (The banana valley)
Our motto for today: Bananas & Beach. We start in the middle of the banana fields in Hermigua, in the presumably “healthiest climate worldwide” and get to know lots of interesting facts about the banana industry on La Gomera. From here we hike up to the mountain ridge of Los Montes and enjoy the views of the wide green valley while we hike on a ridge path. After the break we continue our way, passing old houses and terraces, until we reach the beach of La Caleta. There our hike ends at the beach bar; if the weather is good, we can refresh during a bathing break.

ascent: 300m | descent: 300m | duration: 4h | distance: 11km | meeting: 9.30 a.m. | 
Price: Euro 32.00 |
degree of difficulty: * *
Tuesday: Tour of the Island
Join us to explore the fauna of La Gomera on a walk of about 25 minutes in the national park. After the walk, we ride by bus to the visitors' centre in Las Rosas and afterwards we stop at a restaurant offering food typical of La Gomera. After the lunch break, we ride on to the village Agulo, next we take a tour of the village. After the tour of Agulo, we go back by bus, passing the villages Hermigua, Chipude and El Cercado (the potters' village). Here we will stop for taking pictures. On our return trip, we stop for a short while at the restaurant designed by César Manrique.

ascent: 10m | descent: 50m | Return: approx. 5 p.m. | meeting: 9.30 a.m. | 
Price: Euro 32.00
degree of difficulty: *
Wednesday: The Rain Forest (El Cedro)
Discover one of the oldest rain forests in the world! Accompany us on this botanically guided hike through the unique laurel forest. We start our way into the National Park Garajonay near La Laguna and we hike leisurely to Las Mimbreras. After the break we hike on through the lush green rain forest until Campamento. From here, we hike up to the destination of the hike where the bus awaits us. (no stop at a restaurant)

ascent: 150m | descent: 550m | duration: 4h | distance: 10km | meeting: 9.30 a.m. | 
Price: € 32.00
degree of difficulty: * *
Thursday: FLEXhike
On this day, we offer a different challenging hike each week. Therefore you can enjoy several hikes with us, even if your stay on La Gomera exceeds the usual vacation term. The offer includes e. g. "The scenic way" or "The Skywalk". Please ask at the La Paloma in Vueltas for information on the current hikes.

ascent: 600m | descent: 500m | duration: 4 h | distance: 11km | meeting: 9.30 a.m. | 
Price: Euro 32.00
degree of difficulty: * * *
Friday: The Table Mount Argodey
Come with us today through the canyon region of La Gomera. On our way to Igualero, the village with the highest location on the island, we’ll pass palm trees, agaves, figs and almond trees. Then we continue our way to La Fortaleza, the cult mountain of the Gomeros. While hiking we’ll pass a bizarre, almost alpine mountain landscape with very impressive deep slopes which show the unique build of the island. After a break we will continue our hike on the impressive path to La Fortaleza, our destination for today. If the weather allows it, we’ll climb the mountain. After having finished the tour we’ll take a refreshment at a bar.

ascent: 350m | descent: 350 | duration: 4 h | distance: 11km | meeting: 9.30 a.m. | 
Price: Euro 32.00
degree of difficulty: * *
All hikes are accomplished by
Timah hiking La Gomera
Timah hiking La Gomera
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hiking with timah means

  • hiking in small groups, so you can enjoy it better
  • receiving explanations about the unique flora and fauna of the island
  • getting to know people and country as well as the Canarian kitchen
  • hiking on select routes off the often trodden paths
  • personal security and care with English-speaking guides from Timah
  • experience with the local conditions, culture, the people and language of the country
  • professional care combined with that extra something spent on the elaboration of our hikes
  • diverse hiking programs for young persons and those who stayed young
You ought to have at your disposal: the appropriate safety of step, condition, health and some hiking practice.

Daily transfer with the hiking bus to the starting point and from the end to the accommodation, insurance and a qualified multilingual TIMAH-hiking guide.

After hikes we stop at a restaurant (see program) in order to enjoy the typical cooking (not included in the price).

Bus stops
Restaurant Charco del Conde (Puntilla) / Hotel Gran Rey (Puntilla) / Casa Maria (La Playa) / Parada de Taxi (La Calera)

Minimum 4 persons – maximum 16 persons

Experience nature
Impressions of a hike through the forest of fables Las Creses
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